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Follow & support Sam McGoun's 18-day, 1850Km journey through Singapore's garden city.

COVID-19 has left Sala Bai's graduates unemployed and their families without income. Sam leads the charge to make a difference. Join him by donating today and restore some much needed hope to Sala Bai.

Why is Sam on the run?

To help the young, currently unemployed, Cambodian graduates of Sala Bai school and their families survive Covid-driven economic hardship, Sam McGoun committed to running and biking 1850 kms—one kilometer in honour of each of the Sala Bai's 1850 graduates and the 10,000+ family members that rely on them.

Where is he going?

The journey begins on Thursday, 17 December 2020 and ends on Sunday, 3 January 2021. Since Sam is unable to complete this journey in Cambodia, as he did in 2012 and 2013, he will complete it near his home in Singapore, adhering to local safety protocols. Throughout the 18 days—one day for each of the 18 years the school has been operating—his team, the Sala Bai graduates and students, and Sam himself will share uplifting stories of triumph, explain the harsh realities, and offer virtual school tours and cooking class.

What's the goal?

It’s simple. Sam wants to inspire people around the world to join him in supporting Sala Bai’s current students, graduates, and their families overcome what has become the biggest challenge in their lives, and the biggest challenge since the country’s genocide in the late 1970s. The students and graduates of Sala Bai gave Sam what he believes to be the greatest gift of life—perspective. He says, "I will be forever grateful for what they taught me, and forever committed to supporting their futures."


Join Sam in his Journey.

Donate & Show Your Solidarity for Sala Bai!

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