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T-Shirt Trivia: Solidarity for Sala Bai

Did you notice that each day Sam wears a different shirt?

The orange shirts honour Graduates, Families, Future Students, Friends, and Partners, or one of Sala Bai school's disciplines—Cooking, Front Office, Housekeeping, Restaurant, Spa & Beauty Therapy.

The most important shirt he wears is the blue one carrying the message "Stop Human Trafficking before it starts." For 18 years stopping human trafficking has been the core of Sala Bai's mission.

The organisation has succeeded in amazing ways.

  • 1850 students (70% women, aged 17-23) have graduated from the school's free, training program.

  • 100% have been employed within three months earning a minimum of three times their previous annual household income.

Today sadly due to Covid's impact on the tourism and hospitality industry in Cambodia the 1850 graduates and the families that depend on them no longer have an income.

In case you missed it, that's why Sam is running...and biking...and sweating...and wearing the shirts. He's raising funds to support and awareness about these incredible young adults and the amazing school that literally saves lives.

Join Sam on his Journey. Support the mission of Sala Bai. Stop Human Trafficking before it starts.

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