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In pursuit of its mission, TSB exclusively supports the Sala Bai Hotel School of Siem Reap, Cambodia with funding, partnerships and expertise. Sala Bai is a model solution to alleviating poverty and its consequences.


In 18 years, 1850 students (70% women, aged 17-23) have graduated from the school's free, 11-month training program.  100% have been employed within 3 months earning a minimum of 3X their previous annual household income.  


Located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, vocational training and life skills are the beating heart of Sala Bai's program.  150 of the most impoverished young Cambodians are trained each year in one of five disciplines:  Cooking, Front Desk, Restaurant Service, Housekeeping and Spa & Beauty Therapy.

The 11-month program includes 9 months of on campus training and 2 one-month internships at leading hoteliers in Siem Reap.  Upon graduation, students receive a diploma compliant to ASEAN standards.

A Model Solution

Sala Bai represents a model solution to alleviating poverty and preventing human trafficking because its vocational training in hospitality is aligned to the fastest growing sector of Cambodia's economy (tourism).  That's why 100% of our students have been employed within 3 months of graduation.

Trusted Partners

Sala Bai is blessed to have received support from several exceptional organisations including McKinsey for Children, PATA Foundation, Fondation Sisley, USAID, AFD, amongst others.  The School is audited annually by PwC.  Watch Khatna's Journey to hear former US Ambassador Carol Rodley share why Sala Bai is a model solution.

Uplifting Entire Families

Sala Bai Hotel School maintains an impressive track record.  In18 years, 1850 students have graduated and 100% employed within three months of graduation earning starting salaries more than three times total household income.  The first thing graduates do is support their families.  One Sala Bai graduate lifts 5-6 family members out of poverty.

Low Overheads Maximum Impact

Sala Bai maintains exceptionally low overheads, so that every dollar donated can have maximum impact.  Touch Sala Bai is comprised solely of volunteers.  100% of funds we raise on behalf of Sala Bai go directly to the School's education and its enablers, including educational material, student housing, food, accommodation, health insurance, etc.

Focused on Self-Sufficiency

Sala Bai Hotel School continues to generate more income year-on-year from operating its own 70 seat training restaurant and six room training hotel.  Even as the School has grown from 100 to 150 graduates per year, the cost per student has fallen.  Today, Sala Bai covered 30% its annual operating budget through self-generated revenue.

Your Contribution


While the Sala Bai Hotel School may be a model solution for alleviating poverty and preventing human trafficking, it's a small and lean operation.  Joining Touch Sala Bai in Singapore and supporting our work directly with Sala Bai makes a major impact.  More simply put, your contribution matters.  Please join us and we'll share how you can get involved! 



Photography by Scott A.Woodward



By supporting Touch Sala Bai, you are directly supporting the students of Sala Bai. And because Touch Sala Bai board members fund our organization’s operating expenses, you can have absolute confidence in knowing that 100% of all funds raised go directly to the Sala Bai Hotel School and its students.

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