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Show Your Orange in Solidarity for Sala Bai.

Let these young adults know they are not alone and that just for a minute someone somewhere in the world is thinking of them!

Snap and share a selfie or shoot a video with an orange theme.

  • Going for a run? Wear an orange hat or t-shirt.

  • Baking holiday cookies? Use an orange bowl.

  • Making your bed the hotel way? Add an orange pillow.

  • Going for a walk in the cold? Grab an orange scarf.

  • Reading a bedtime story? Choose an orange book.

orange booties...aprons...sweaters...pjs...books...pillows...bake an orange an orange...Get Creative! Have fun!


Send it to us at We'll share it with the students and feature you on our website and social media. 


Post it on your social feeds: 

#solidarityforsalabai #showyourorange #salabaischool #touchsalabai #TSB1850

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