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Week 4 - 180km Journey

"It feels like yesterday that I left quarantine and laced up my shoes preparing to run my first kilometer, apprehensive of the new wave of heat that welcomed me in Singapore."

An impressive 180km journey completed and here's what Joe has to share about it:

I can clearly remember the shin splints that ached during that first run, and the stiffness that welcomed me the following morning as I limped for my coffee wondering how I was going to even be able to start the second day's run.

Aches, pains and blisters came and went. Kilometers racked up and amazing views welcomed me each day that turned into eye catching photos enabling wonderful memories of running a distance that I thought wouldn’t be possible when a doctor diagnosed arthritis in my knee nearly two decades ago. I saw the nature of Botanical Gardens going about their daily business each day, cockerels announcing daybreak, lizards moving from land to water and familiar faces in the running community taking on their own journeys and challenges every day. Sunburn became a tan (of sorts!) and an old pair of trainers became a new and comfier pair. A foam roller went from obsolete to a necessity, and calories no longer became something to count, and more so an increasing love.

A small journey to many, and a minuscule accomplishment versus Sam's 1850 km haul, but the thrill I'll remember for a long time.

Week 4 – 180km complete. An exhilarating learning curve, allowing for genuine reflection on how lucky I am versus those less fortunate than myself. I ran to battle a self-created challenge, yet the students of Sala Bai are battling challenges that they would never have hoped for, and for that I hope anyone reading this feels inspired to use their time and resources to help those that really need it.

To those that donated thank you, and if you haven’t yet there is still time. Please do give, even if a small amount, as I guarantee it will make a huge difference to those that have far less than us.

What will you do?

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