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Covid-19 Emergency Fundraiser

GOAL: $185,000 USD

Covid-19 has left Sala Bai graduates unemployed and their families without income. Help us provide food security and basic necessities to the graduates and their families and help us prepare current students for a post-COVID world.

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Covid has impacted everyone’s life. For the Sala Bai Hotel School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, the impact has been devastating. 

  • With tourist arrivals near zero, most hotels and restaurants have been forced to close. 

  • An estimated 80% of Sala Bai’s 1850 graduates are now unemployed.

  • USD $200 monthly incomes, supporting an average of 5.5 family members—aging parents and young children—have been eliminated. 

  • The graduates' modest savings are wiped out.

1850KM covered, but the journey is far from over.

For 18 days at the end of 2020 and into the New Year, Touch Sala Bai's President Sam McGoun journeyed 1850 kms by bike and on foot—one kilometer in honour of each of Sala Bai's 1850 graduates and the 10,000+ family members that rely on them. 

Sam reached his journey goal, but Touch Sala Bai fell short on our fundraising goal and the vast need to provide food  security and basic necessities to these families is still there.

We invite you to meet some graduates and current students in our Sala Bai Stories videos. 

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Please Donate Today!


Already Donated? Show Your Orange!

During Sam's Journey many supporters wore orange and undertook personal challenges to join Sam and to show the Sala Bai graduates, their families and the current students that they are not alone.

Join us in Solidarity for Sala Bai. What will you do?

Touch Sala Bai is Singapore-based society and US non-profit organization.

Donations in USD for US tax payers are eligible for tax deductions.

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