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Week 3 - 180km Journey

Week 3 has come around faster than I thought it would, and all my initial reservations have slipped away. Would 180km be possible? Will my knees take it? How will I recover in time?

Now all I think is ‘I can't wait for my next run!’

As week 3 comes to an end I find myself a mere 20km away from completing my initial challenge, and a quarter of the way to the fundraising target I set myself. So I think I'll follow the Sam McGoun example and keep on going until I hit my target. This time next week I should be at or past 200km, and so let's see how far we can go!

The learning curve continues, and aches come and go in different places, but whenever I think of the reason why I'm doing it I push through. The School has sadly been shut due to Covid restrictions, and the students need the donations now more than ever, and so it's important to push on.

My big discovery of the week was the old Chinese herbal remedy of Chuan Kwee Chay Hong Yong Oil, which was gifted to me by my good friend Rexx, a fellow runner who knows how to soothe sore limbs. Matched with the protein snacks from my partner Camille, and the running tips from friend Chin Wei, I'm definitely getting physically, and mentally fitter during this process!

Onwards and upwards, the kilometers may be racking up but the distance between safety and disaster for the School of Sala Bai is still considerable, and we must work together to shorten it!

Week 3 – 160/180. Despite being nervous about reaching 180, I am now committed to hitting 200!

What will you do?

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