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Day 11

Detroit to NYC

Keeping Motivated with Motown: Solidarity with Sala Bai

Spending hours of solitary time we asked Sam how he keeps his mind occupied and motivated.

"A good amount of the time, I don’t listen to anything. I just think about the situation facing the School, the graduates, students and their families. I think a lot about how difficult times can bring out the very best in humanity and how appreciative I am that people are supporting Sala Bai when they themselves may be hurting. It brings me to tears often - usually at the end of the day when I’m totally exhausted."

"Other times, I listen to hip hop / rap. I grew up in the Detroit area, which has such a deep history of producing extraordinary music—Motown, rap, electronica...And on the long rides it’s BBC World Service podcasts, BBC History Hour and TedTalks."

Sam's Distance to Date

Run 184.3km + Bike 757.8km

For those who like to "math" it: that's 61% of the run goal and 49% of the bike goal.

TOTAL: 942.1km

GOAL: 1850km

And, that's just over half of the total goal at 50.9%.

Please encourage Sam on his Journey by supporting him and Sala Bai.

Geography Lesson!

If Sam left his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, and travelled east 942km he would hit NY City, passing through Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey along the way. That would have been a much colder route than the one he's travelled along the equator the past 11 days.

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