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Day 6

Meeting Folks Along the Way + Safety First!

For those outside of Singapore, you may not realise it, but on parts of the Journey Sam is riding on busy roads with cars whizzing past him, dodging trucks coming in and out of construction areas, and avoiding all manner of hazards along the way. On today's bike ride (the longest to date) Sam snapped a selfie with a young man who he sees often around the busy Changi area. Sam says, "he always makes sure the trucks pulling out of the construction sites don’t run into me!" That is a good friend to have indeed!

Sam's Distance to Date

Run 77km + Bike 530km

TOTAL: 607km

Join Sam on his Journey.

Geography Lesson!

To put Sam's Journey into perspective, in the US if he started at Estcourt Station, the northernmost community in New England and in the contiguous United States east of the Great Lakes, and continued south for about 600km, he would end up in New Haven, CT, crossing through multiple states along the way.

(And, no we had never heard of Estcourt Station until we Googled distances today!)

For those in Europe, that's slightly more than the distance from London to Luxembourg.

(and he didn't have to swim the English Channel to do it!)

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