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Sam's 2012 Journey of Solidarity with Sala Bai

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

In 2012 Sam McGoun set out on seven-day journey swimming, running and cycling 625km across Cambodia in an effort to raise awareness for, and help fight against, human trafficking. Inspired by the challenges overcome by the students of Sala Bai School, Sam’s route followed the actual journey traveled by one Sala Bai graduate, Khatna, as she gained an education at the school.

Along the way tested he himself and raised thousands of dollars to directly benefit Sala Bai, an organization that stops human trafficking before it starts.

This year he aims to cover nearly three times as much distance, 1850km, over 18 days.

Follow the 2020-21 journey on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @touchsalabai #solidarityforsalabai #showyourorange #salabaischool #touchsalabai #TSB1850

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