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Day 16

Solidarity for Sala Bai: New Year's Day

In driving rain, on the first day of 2021 Sam ran 53km at Kallang Track in Singapore.

He says, "I was totally pumped. Not surprisingly, I was the only person at the track the entire day in this dreadful weather. Water seeped into my "waterproof" case and blew my LCD. (My phone is currently enjoying a bath in rice.) When the display started flickering, I sent the photos below to my colleague Syra."

That's serious dedication. Just like the dedication the Sala Bai graduates have shown in completing their journeys. Please support them and Sam today!

Sam's Distance to Date

Run 280.3 + Bike 1080.1km

** We missed updating day 15...but Sam didn't miss his day, he biked 152.3km.

TOTAL: 1360.4km

GOAL: 1850km

Please encourage Sam on his Journey by supporting him and Sala Bai.

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