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Day 13: Solidarity for Sala Bai

As we head into the final third of the journey, we want to bring it back to the beginning and remind our Touch Sala Bai supporters what this is all about.

Sam McGoun is covering 1850km by bike and on foot to raise awareness and funds for unemployed graduates of Sala Bai School, an amazing institution that stops human trafficking before it can start.

A great number of the 1850 graduates of Sala Bai's hospitality programs are currently unemployed due to Covid-19 decimating the Cambodian tourism industry. The families who depend on their income for basic food and necessities are in dire need. They need your help during this unique time to bridge the challenges and weather a situation beyond their control.

When these young adults made the journey to Sala Bai to learn a profession, each committed to raising their entire family up from poverty. A lot of responsibility rests on their young shoulders.

They never asked for a handout. They worked hard to earn their place at Sala Bai and their salaries upon graduation, giving them control and agency in their lives in country where this is incredibly rare.

Right now, all they want is to survive and keep the dignity they have earned. Given the choice, they would work. It's simply not possible right now. We are asking you to donate and provide temporary support so that they can survive this unique period.

Sala Bai's graduates are hopeful their situation will change and they will be back at work in 2021. Please support their optimism. Show them they are not alone. Donate today.

Sam's Distance to Date

Run 184.3km + Bike 927.8km

TOTAL: 1,112.1km

GOAL: 1850km

Please encourage Sam on his Journey by supporting him and Sala Bai.

Geography Lesson!

As of today, Sam has travelled the distance from Paris to Berlin.

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