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Our Fundraising Goal

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Support the 1850 unemployed Sala Bai graduates and the families that depend on them.

Our fundraising goals are simple.

Raise $185,000US to support the unemployed graduates of Sala Bai & help the school prepare for a post-Covid world.


Funds raised will be used

75% Emergency Relief Fund*

  • to bridge unemployed graduates and their families through Covid

  • to provide cash infusion for lost operating revenue from the closed training hotel and closed training restaurant

25% Prepare for Post-Covid World

  • Creating new disciplines, including data science and coding with cross-industry applications.

  • Digitising and securing all school data and procuring an e-learning platform for English language and hospitality training.

  • Solar panel installation aiming to reduce electricity bills by 60% per annum.

* funds that are not used for the emergency relief will be allowed for preparing Sala Bai for a post-Covid world.​

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