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Supporting the School, its students, graduates, teachers, and their families overcome what has become the biggest challenge in their lives through our fun & sportive fundraising campaign. Gear up and start training!


Dedicate My Distance is an annual run organised by Touch Sala Bai Singapore to raise much-needed awareness and support for the school and its development.

Why you should be a part of Decicate My Distance?

There are more reasons for you to support the run and continue the legacy. Show you support for underpriviledge children and help alievate them from poverty and human-trafficking, bust off daily work stress, keep fit, have fun, and make a difference with your colleagues, family, friends, and or children!


The impact of Covid has been devastating to Sala Bai.  An estimated 80% of Sala Bai’s 1850 graduates are unemployed; their USD $200 monthly incomes, which had supported an average of 5.5 family members - aging parents, young children and dependent siblings - have been eliminated.  Their modest savings wiped out.  In Cambodia, one of the world’s poorest countries, there are no safety nets.  And with a second wave of global Covid infections on the rise, the situation is dire.


To support these young Cambodians and help their families survive Covid, Touch Sala Bai’s founder and current President, Sam McGoun, has committed to running and biking 1850 kms - one kilometer in honour of each of the School’s 1850 graduates and the 10,000+ family members that rely on them.  The journey will begin on Thursday, December 17 and end on Sunday, January 3.  As Covid prevents him from completing this journey in Cambodia, as he had done in 2012 and 2013, he will complete it near his home in Singapore, adhering to local safety protocols.  His progress in Singapore will be mapped to the villages of rural Cambodia and the birthplaces of students and graduates who received their free vocational training and guarantee of a job from Sala Bai. 


Throughout the 18 days - one day for each of the 18 years the School has been operating - uplifting stories of triumph will be told, the harsh realities will be explained, virtual tours of the school will be offered, and invitations to graduate-led virtual Cambodian cooking classes will be made.  We will also take this opportunity to honour all those who have supported the School in years past. 


It will be heart-warming and soul-lifting.  As best we can, we will accommodate different time zones, so that all donors and supporters can truly appreciate the power of connecting great people across borders for a common good in Sala Bai.


WALK, RUN OR BIKE any distance, anywhere, at any time between December 17th 2020 and January 3rd 2021

  • Take a photo or short video of yourself during the activity. Yoga, HIIT sessions, even golf counts! 

  • Tag us with your photo on Facebook or Instagram with the #TSB1850 and it will be shared with the students, graduates and teachers to lift their spirits with the love and support received from hundreds of people from all over the world.

DONATE any amount

  • All of us are hurting financially right now. Simply donate what feels comfortable.

  • For anyone who donates over $185 (10 cents per kilometer), Touch Sala Bai’s founder and current President, Sam McGoun will add an additional 5 km to his distance in your honour.

INVITE family and friends to join you on your walk, run, bike or physical activity (adhering to local Covid restrictions.)

  • Encourage family and friends that may not live near you to join you to dedicate their own walk, run, etc. to Sala Bai.

  • When students, graduates and teachers see a photo or video of people walking, biking or training for them, it motivates them to get through this period with the knowledge that people around the world are doing something for them.

SHARE your own commitment, and the heartwarming content and virtual invitations that we will provide you over the 18-day journey with your family and friends.


If you have a thirst for competition, love the thrill of a race or just simply want to make a difference, why not sign up to an organized run, swim or bike? Organise your own ‘Dedicate My Distance’, and it gives you the opportunity to dedicate your next sporting challenge to the students of the Sala Bai Hotel School in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Thank you for supporting a great cause! You’re more than welcome to write your own Movement Title and Movement Story! Simply use link your fundraising page to the main "Dedicate My Distance" page from Give.Asia

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